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M30 CytoDEATH™ MAb

M30 CytoDEATHTM Monocloncal Antibody (caspase-cleaved Cytokeratin 18) (Prod. No. 10700) (unconjugated); 10750 (Biotin); 10800 (FITC)

Apoptosis proceeds through cleavage of various intracellular proteins. The proteases which mediate this process are referred to as caspases. One important caspase substrate is the intermediate filament protein keratin 18 (K18, Cytokeratin 18 or CK18) (Caulin et al., 1997), expressed in cells of simple epithelium.


The antibody M30 CytoDEATH™ recognizes a neo-epitope formed after caspase cleavage of keratin 18 at Asp396 (K18Asp396-NE, M30 neo-epitope) (Leers et al., 1999). M30 CytoDEATH™ does not bind native, unmodified K18 of normal cells. Therefore, M30 CytoDEATH™ is a very reliable and convenient tool for demonstration of apoptosis in single cells and tissue sections of epithelial origin.


Product Data Sheets:  M30 CytoDEATH MAb Prod. No. #10700
                                       M30 CytoDEATH FITC MAb Prod. No. #10800
                                       M30 CytoDEATH MAb Biotin Prod. No. #10750
M30 CytoDEATH™ Monoclonal Antibody (ccK18) (Research Use Only)
M30 CytoDEATH™ Monoclonal Antibody (ccK18) (Research Use Only)
The M30 CytoDeath™ antibody distinguishes between necrotic and apoptotic cells with several disease entities. Therefore it's a unique tool in working out apoptosis very early or in advanced stages.
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